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Time goes by so fast.. It’s been already eight month since our baby Yuki was born.
I’ve spent time with him (and of course with my wife) as much as I could and I’ve seen the most amazing growing stage of his life.
I would like to thank everyone who supported us.
I’ve also realized that people in the city are so kind to babies.
We would never have to ask someone’s favor since somebody always offer us a help.
Anyway, my son Yuki and my wife (you see in this picture) are doing great.

giggle is a baby store in New York City.

If you have a baby, go there and you will find some wonderful products.

The New York Times

I’ve never really thought of a font like paleography because it only makes me feel an ancient history deeply, and I’ve only seen it in traditions.

However, when I saw this logo in the cutting metallic material sign installed on an entrance of the modern building , I realized the beauty of design in the type face.Then as I closely looked at the logo in the paper & website, I felt this was carefully refined into details that has its modern sophistication.

Even if paper made “news paper” disappears in the future, I believe the logo will still be existed and continue to be refined by generations.