Kana Sans, a new sans serif font family.

Introducing a new font family, Kana Sans. Desktop fonts and webfonts are available now. it’s a very nice contemporary sans serif font family. Check this out! 

新しいフォントファミリー、カナサンズの紹介です。現代的なサンセリフ、カナサンズはMacとウィンドウズで使えるデスクトップフォントと、ウェブフォントが揃っています。   Check this out! 

my type

I’ve been working on creating new fonts for many months and it will complete soon as I am adjusting kern and details of the lines at this moment. It will be 5 different weight, light to black with their matching italic. They are really nice fonts.
Stay tuned!

数ヶ月にわたってデザインをしている新しいフォントがもう少しで完成です。ただいまカーニングや細部を磨いています。ライトからブラックまでの5種類と、それらにマッチしたイタリックのファミリーは、とてもいいものになりそうです。Stay tuned!

Happy Kerning!

Kerning (means adjusting white spacing in a proportional font.)
Prior to the DTP, designers used to adjust white spacing one by one by handwork in the old days.
However, you will never reach the big concept if you are worried about small thing in the beginning. That’s right.
But, when I am standing in the platform at my subway station every morning, I can’t help being conscious about this particular sign’s kerning.
Today I became free of such frustration.


The NY subway signs are quite bald and clear and I believe these signs will put into tourists’ minds as well as one of the NY impressions.
Whether the subway with the accurate signs come into the station or not, I think it’s a great design system.
One thing, I hope this can be tad more sophisticated since it’s in public.