This blog is run by GT, a Japanese designer.

Store & Typography

There are still many old and interesting buildings & stores in the streets that have been there for a long time, and some of them are so valuable. I am shooting those store-front and signs as well as newest ones that are touching and want to keep in mind..


Although living in the big city, we can still sense the flow of time at the seasonal changes. Sometimes, I feel the enormous time of the earth in the boundary between man-made objects that to be maintained without changing its shapes, and the nature that does not allow them to sustain.

Cows’ world

Can you imagine how people in ancient times came up with the idea of getting milk from wild cows? Anyway, people around the world in present-day consume dairy products every day. Cows and humans became good friends (!) and those cows are now being illustrated in so many ways in the various dairy packages.
It actually started when I saw “The Skinny Cow Ice-cream”, I began collecting the dairy products with cows then I’ve realized that there are tons of different cows out there…!
I will continue to check the products (rather ‘Organic” ones) and post them here!

Will keep updating something about design and the city.

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