avignone chemists

This font is most likely the “Palatino”, designed by Hermann Zapf in 1950- one of the most used typefaces in the world but still look fresh to my eyes.
Just a little thought- I personaly think this logo can be nicer if the letter-spacing is little bit tighter and show the word “chemists” some other way such as in uppercase or diffrent possition.

West Village, NYC

Joe the Art of Coffee

Joe Coffee, they were voted as the New York’s best coffee. I walk 5 blocks passing through two other coffee shops (one is just around the corner from my apartment and another one near-by) to buy Joe’s coffee.
I like their hand written menu on a chalkboard too.
Columbus Avenue, UWS

Joe Coffee ニューヨークでNo1のコーヒーショップ。もっと近所にある2つのコーヒーショップをパスして5ブロック歩き、ここのコーヒーを買います。
Columbus Avenue, UWS