Environment Furniture

enviromentEnvironment Furniture‘s show room;
The store front and logo stand out well enough to make people look at it which is a cool approach.
Their furniture is minimal and kind of nice too. This is so called “eco-edgy”.

Environment Furnitureのショールーム。ブロードウェイ沿いのこの場所で、ストアフロントもロゴも道行く人の足を止めるに充分な引っかりを持っています。とてもクールなアプローチだと思います。家具もミニマルでかっこいいです。エコエッジーと呼ばれています。

876 Broadway, NYC


horizon1I just found out that Horizon Organic has renewed the packages.
You can see the old one here.
Their new packaging is a full color print with shadow effect.
The logo and cow are also brushed up.

HORIZON ORGANICのパッケージが新しくなっているのでアップデートします。旧パッケージはこちらでご覧になれます。フルカラー印刷になり陰影がつきました。ロゴも牛とセットでブラッシュアップされているようです。

horizon2 In the meantime, the cow seems more aggressively working in other Horizon products.
This is a tubed yogurt for kids.
As you can see the cow is surfing on the tube.
More 3D, more aggressive, but no breast appealing here.

tuberz1 tuberz2さらにHORIZON ORGANICの牛がアグレッシブに活動しているのを見つけたのでレポートしときます。Kids向けの新商品。見てのとおりチューブにのってサーフィンです。さらに立体感もアップしてますが、自慢の乳は隠している模様。

Lily O’Briens Chocolate Cafe

lilyobriens1Lily O’Briens Chocolate has opened its chocolate cafe in March 2009 at Bryant Park side on 40th street. The packages are beautiful as well as the cafe.
The brand logo looks bit modified from the one on their packages & website.

今年の3月に、ブライアントパーク沿いの40ストリートにオープンしたLily O’Briens Chokolateのお店&カフェ。店内もパッケージもキレイです。


LIBERTE -Yogourt

liberte1Clean design with a symbol of the cows on the firm with a background of blue sky.
A dairy product manufacturer Liberté has been established in the Montreal area for the past 3 generations.  Bon appétit!

Bon appétit!



peacePeace should be the bottom line. No matter what. No?
This graphic has been here for 10 years as long as I know.
I think it has a trickle-down effect. I love this graphic!


Avenue A, NYC

Tuscan – Milk

tuscan_brand1This product is the same brand I had posted before but the brand logo & the cow are little different.
I believe they re-dsesigned the brand and this could be the original??
A jumping cow and the moon made me feel like touching a wind of a 80’s night.
Perhaps this design comes from 80’s?

以前投稿したTuscan brandの牛乳ですが、イラストやブランドロゴが他の商品とは違います。


Rain or Shine

rainorshine1Can you think of any better names and signs for this store?
Rain or Shine is the New York’s only umbrella and parasol shop.
You will find a perfect umbrella here that will make you want to sing in the rain!

ニューヨーク唯一の雨傘日傘専門店 “Rain or Shine” は45 ストリート沿いにあります。
このお店にこれ以上ふさわしい名前とサイン、Awning(入り口の日よけ)があるでしょうか? ここでなら雨の日でも出かけたくなるような傘が見つけられるかもしれません。

East 45th Street, NYC

Petite Abeille – Belgian Restaurant

petiteabeille2This restaurant is famous with waffles and burgers and has 4 locations in the city.
“Petite Abeille” means Small/cute honeybee in French.
Tintin (who is also from Belgium) looks like he loves the little bee too- cute pair!
West 17th Street, NYC

“Petite Abeille” はフランス語で”かわいいみつばち”という意味。 このお店はベルギーワッフルとバーガーが人気でマンハッタンに4店舗あります。 同じくベルギー生まれのTintinもかわいいみつばちちゃんのファンなのでしょうか?