Environment Furniture

enviromentEnvironment Furniture‘s show room;
The store front and logo stand out well enough to make people look at it which is a cool approach.
Their furniture is minimal and kind of nice too. This is so called “eco-edgy”.

Environment Furnitureのショールーム。ブロードウェイ沿いのこの場所で、ストアフロントもロゴも道行く人の足を止めるに充分な引っかりを持っています。とてもクールなアプローチだと思います。家具もミニマルでかっこいいです。エコエッジーと呼ばれています。

876 Broadway, NYC

2 comments on “Environment Furniture

  1. I like it too. They should designate the parking space in front of their store to plants and bicycle parking. that would rock.

  2. That’s a great idea!