horizon1I just found out that Horizon Organic has renewed the packages.
You can see the old one here.
Their new packaging is a full color print with shadow effect.
The logo and cow are also brushed up.

horizon2 In the meantime, the cow seems more aggressively working in other Horizon products.
This is a tubed yogurt for kids.
As you can see the cow is surfing on the tube.
More 3D, more aggressive, but no breast appealing here.

tuberz1 tuberz2

3 comments on “HORIZON ORGANIC #2

  1. ha, there you have proof, doesn’t the organic cow looks healthier than all the other cows?

  2. Yes, I think she(?) looks healthier and happier.
    One more thing I like this brand is that all packages of their product lines from whole milk to fat free milk are in red. I buy 1% or 2% low fat milk but the red makes me fell like taste richer than other colors like blue or green.

  3. yes, she looks like she dressed up to go out now

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